Blue Hill Art & Cultural Center

 Blue Hill Artists Past & Present

      Meet the Artists & The Art of Art Collecting Tour 

​            followed by a reception in the newly renovated lobby

Postponed Reception until further notice

​Due to the spread of COVID-19, it is best that we postpone the reception for the Past and Present show until a later date. Keeping everyone healthy and limiting the spread of this virus is in everyone's best interest.

Updates on this exhibit  will be announced

as soon as more information is available.

1 Blue Hill Plaza

Pearl River, NY, 10965

Please RSVP to: bluehillartandculturalcenter@gmail.com​​

 Come see the newly renovated space at Blue Hill Plaza and enjoy  the current exhibition which celebrates Blue Hill's commitment to showing art of  exceptional talent for the past 36 consecutive years. The current exhibition features twenty four-artists, whose lives cover a century of time. From Dorothy Gillespie, (a centennial anniversary of her birth), to two creative artist couples,  Fred & Madelyn Schwartz, and  Ellen & Norman Galinsky,  to the many artists who have shown here in various exhibitions over the many years, including; the Galinskys, Andrea Geller, Pam Grafstein Cristian Ivan, Ray Lagstein, Eleanor Grace Miller, Peggy Opalek, Andrea Placer, Carl Rattner, Rosalind Schneider, Doris Shepherd Wiese, Peter Strasser and Jennifer Woolcock Schwartz. We are also pleased to introduce, the six artists who were selected from entries of over 75 artists and are showing for the first time at Blue Hill;  Ellen Gordon, Laurette Graham, Grace Malupa, Helene Manzo, Shelley Haven, Diane Rosen and Carol Sommerfield. Come see  the wide variety of works, meet the artists, tour the exhibition and learn about the Art of Art Collecting. You may consider purchasing one their works from this exhibition, adding to your collection,  beginning one anew, or just admiring the diversity of the exhibition. We welcome you! 

Collecting art, whether for love or profit, or both, can bring great pleasure. But where do you start? Who’s work should you invest in? When and where should you buy?

There’s definitely an art to collecting art, and Ms. Barbara Jacobs Sussman, curator of the Blue Hill Art and Cultural Center and professional Fine Art Appraiser will be giving a free tour of “Revealing Common Ground”, the current exhibition at the Blue Hill Art and Cultural Center. She will cover the fundamentals of building a collection and topics such: as the materials that artists use, how value is assigned to a work of art, the difference between an original and a print, how to effectively research and evaluate the art you consider buying, and how to create a meaningful grouping.

Developing a plan for making several acquisitions over a period of time (that is, building a collection) can be daunting. It’s easy to find art that you like, but knowing what to buy is more difficult. Whether you are a serious collector or collecting for fun, there are techniques that can help you make the most of the quality and value of your art, your own personal enjoyment of the collecting process, as well as your appreciation and understanding of it.

Barbara J. Sussman is eminently qualified to help you understand how to create an art collection and to answer your questions. She is an appraiser of fine arts qualified by the American Society of Appraisers to make legal documents valuing art. She is designated by the Society as an accredited member and a fine arts specialist, and is also the president of Fog Hill and Co., which manages art collections for museums, corporations, and individuals.  To learn more about Ms. Sussman’s background,
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