Portrayals Imagined and Observed

May 1 - November 1, 2019
 May 9th Opening Reception 

  5:30- 7:30p

 The current exhibition at the Blue Hill Art & Cultural Center delves into the imagination and upon artist’s individual perception. A exhibition of emotive artworks which convey a deeper layer of meaning beyond the images portrayed. 

An  exhibition within an exhibition features the works of the late Martin Lyons, (1923-1995). Martin Lyons was a highly gifted  artist and poet who spent a life time drawing and painting while battling with mental illness. These rarely seen paintings and drawings reveal the inner passions and artistic voice of the artist.

Artists included are: Alexandra Eckhardt, Jocelyn Henry, Mary Hrbacek, Ivan Pazlamatchev, Casey Inch and Nomi Silverman. 

Casey Inch’s painting, Cotopaxi, (after Frederick Church) is reminiscent of the luminous Hudson River painting but the artist pushes a tight palette of whites creating an ethereal atmosphere of a primordial scene. Absent of all human form, the rugged and dramatic landscape suggest a timeless place. In Through the Barn, intaglio print by Alexandra Eckhardt, the artist  creates an image from the vantage point from a barn interior, looking out between the planks to the landscape beyond. Mary Hrabeck’s  large scale paintings of trees isolated against the sky, suggest human form and expression.

Nomi Silverman’s  Migration mixed media drawings are soulful renderings of the  timeless human struggle of people seeking safer havens by  journey on foot into the unknown.   The drawings evoke a strong emotional response and the timelessness  to the human plight. 

Jocelyn’s Henry’s painting, Wallpaper, oil on panel, depicts  a cherub whose eyes  are obscured by the  wings of butterfly.  She is carefully painted with great details and skill, leaving the gaze of the sitter as an unknown.Ivan Pazlamatchev’s colorful and lyrical  paintings are suggestive of narrative yet to be discovered.   All the works in this exhibition engage the viewer to interact with the works of art. The exhibition runs from May 9th  until November 1st2019. Viewing hours are Monday – Friday from 8:30 am   to 6:00pm and  Saturdays from 8:30 am  to 3:00 pm. Opening Reception is Thursday May 9th from 5:30 – 7:30pm at The Blue Hill Art & Cultural Center, Blue Hill Plaza 501 Veteran’s Memorial Drive, Pearl River, NY.

QUESTIONS; 518 894-7845  Barbara J. Sussman, Curator

Blue Hill Art & Cultural Center