Blue Hill Art & Cultural Center

November 9th, 2016

"Inspired By Nature: Plein-Air & Beyond"

featuring a Memorial Exhibition by Vincent Capraro (1920-2016)

Contact: Barbara J. Sussman, Curator

Blue Hill Art & Cultural Center
1 Blue Hill Plaza
Pearl River, NY

Vincent Capraro Memorial Exhibition 

The Blue Hill Art & Cultural Center is featuring an exhibition of one of  Rockland County’s “old masters” of painting and sculpture. Vincent Capraro passed away in October of 2016 at the age of 96.

Esteemed art historian and author, James Beck, believed Vincent Capraro was one of America’s masters, stating:

“He pays homage to segments of the past that are sympathetic to his being, as artists of every epoch have done with regard to their own past. He imitates neither the images nor the inventions of this heritage, however; rather, Capraro's way of seeing, of presenting, is compatible with and heir to some of the finest achievements of the Western, and especially the Baroque, tradition. Once all this is said, one must quickly add that this painter is inescapably contemporary. His approach to pure pigment is so free that it becomes mystifying when seen close up; his handling of the oil medium - a craft in which he is so demanding that he grinds his own colors - is that of a virtuoso.”

Capraro and his wife Tatiana Onus, also an artist who survives him at the age of 99, have lived in Piermont for over 50 years.  Capraro has worked steadfastly in his studio, and has yet to be truly “discovered” with the exception of a few with an extraordinary eye for talent.

The selection of five paintings on exhibit include his large scale Hudson River inspired landscapes, which have been in a private collection of a notable television producer for a period of over twenty five years. This is the first time they are being viewed publically.

Capraro was classically trained and recognized by many with an eye for talent.  Among his collectors were Vincent Price, Irvine Kerschner (Star Wars-Return of the Jedi), Robert Merrill, Anthony Quinn and others.

Capraro sculpted the bust of Columbus outside of the New City Courthouse and the statue of a grieving fireman outside the Sparkill Firehouse.  Capraro has shown at The Hopper House, The Vytlacil Campus at the Art Students League, and previously at the Blue Hill Art & Cultural Center.  A larger retrospective exhibition is planned for April of 2017. Vincent Capraro’s landscape paintings dovetail well with the current juried exhibition “Inspired By Nature: Plein-Air & Beyond”.

“Inspired By Nature: Plein-Air & Beyond”
This is an exhibition of 16 artists’ works, including the works of:  Deborah Blau, Diane Churchill, George Garbeck, Andrea Geller, Karen Gersch, Alan Goldberg, Pam Grafstein, Mary Ann Heinzen, Janet Howard- Fatta, Vivian Kahra, Joan Lesikin, Richard Mills, Ivan Pazlamatchev, Lynn Ronan, Caren Sommer-Lazar, and James Van Gelder.

“Plein- air” refers to artworks created outdoors, under the sky rather than in the studio, bringing a sense of open air and freshness to the artworks.  The exhibition at Blue Hill will feature both “plein-air” and other artworks created after being in the great outdoors to create a cohesive exhibition celebrating nature.

The exhibitions are open and free to the public, running from December 8th, 2016 through April 7th, 2017. An opening reception to meet the artists will be held on December 8th from 5:00-7:30pm at Blue Hill Plaza, 510 Veterans Memorial Drive, in Pearl River, NY 10956.

Blue Hill Plaza has hosted two exhibitions per year in its expansive space featuring four lobbies and a garden atrium area. The public space is called The Blue Hill Art & Cultural Center and this exhibition marks its 38th year.

Where: Blue Hill Art & Cultural Center of Blue Hill Plaza, 1 Blue Hill Plaza, Pearl River, NY 10965 (for GPS directions use: 510 Veterans Memorial Drive, in Pearl River, NY 10956.)

Opening Reception: December 8th from 5:00 - 7:30pm

Viewing hours: Monday - Friday, 8am - 6pm, on view Dec. 8th, 2016 - April 7th, 2017

Contact: Barbara J. Sussman 518-894-7845