Blue Hill Art & Cultural Center


* this show is no longer on display

April 30- October 15, 2022

“Improvisions - Creative Expressions” drew more entries than any other exhibition in the past ten years. Perhaps the avalanche of entries was due to being “holed” up during Covid. The quality and diversity of the show is worthy of a visit to Blue Hill. Many artists are showing for the first time at Blue Hill, while others have been consistently selected by their outstanding work.

The exhibition gives the viewer a broad interpretation of the theme, showing various approaches in different mediums exploring various methods and subjects. The theme of improvisation is widely associated with music; however, visual artists also engage in making spontaneous decisions as their artwork evolves to reveal what they wish to convey.  

The exhibition include works by, Cecelia André, Brad Conklin, Joanna Dickey & Paul Tappenden, David Friedman, Bari Goodman, Norma Greenwood, Carol Greiff Lagstein, Shelley Haven, Polly King, Ray Lagstein, Dustin Liebenow, Carla Lobmier, Alise Loebelsohn, Grace Malupa, Helene Manzo, Frank Manzo, Kathleen Migliore-Newton, Eleanor Grace Miller, Douglas Newton, Carl Rattner, Rosalind schneider, Ariadne Scibetta, Teru Simon, Bonnie Steinsnyder, Miroslav Vrzala.