Blue Hill Art & Cultural Center

Please Note: The artist is responsible for any installation that requires special handling or extra material for security mounting.

For questions, email

All work exhibited at Blue Hill must be professionally framed and suitable for art in public space. The curators reserve the right at any time to turn away artwork deemed inappropriate or unsuitable.

Installation Guidelines

  • The back of your work must sit flush against the wall. 
    (Please remove any hardware that causes it to protrude from the wall, i.e.: screw eyes)

  • You must sign-in your work upon drop off, and sign-out your work upon pick up.

  • All work must be labeled with artist's name/title on back.

  • Take your packaging materials with you.  Any packaging left during installation will be discarded.

  • All diptychs/triptychs will be treated as individual units and hung separately unless the artist assembles the piece as one unit prior to installation. 

  • If you plan to use strip framing or metal frames, please contact us for an explanation on type and preparation.

  • Sculpture is weighted or bolted to a pedestal.  Contact us to discuss pedestal availability and special installation needs.

  • Any fragile surfaces must be covered with glass or plexi.