Blue Hill Art & Cultural Center

A new exhibition featuring 19 select artists who depict an incredible variety of artworks in various mediums and styles portraying a wide range of personal interpretations of the theme: an effect of time, light, movement, surface of various structures.   

For the first time, we built the exhibition around one artist's body of work. Tim Pearson's 14 works included in this exhibition inspired the theme, Structures and Time. The call for art included an image of Tim's Pearson's painting, Tenement, oil, graphite, on panel, which inspired artists from a wide region, spanning from Brooklyn, New Jersey and upper New York State to submit works in a competitive selection process. 

One may notice, although the show includes nineteen artists works, all working in different styles and mediums, there is a cohesiveness to the exhibition based upon the subject. There were over 1000 images to choose from of which 88 works are presented. Several artists are showing for the first time as well as few artists that have shown at Blue Hill in the past. 

Building off of the theme set by Tim Pearson’s body of work the show has come  together with a variety of works in different mediums each complimenting the next.

The oil paintings by Nick Savides and the oil and acrylic paintings of Patti Mollica directly relate to Tim Pearson’s paintings by capturing a moment in time using their individual color palette to enhance the space within the work. The use of a vibrant color scheme to paint busy city streets by Patti Mollica compliments the buildings and rooftops of Nick Savides’ body of work. The lighting on each structure within each of these works showcases a specific time of day, year, location, or season. 

Andrea Swenson’s Photography, Andrea Placer’s detailed drawings in graphite and colored pencil, Janice Baragwanath’s watercolors on paper and Grace Malupa’s work in acrylic are examples of how the use of different materials can display a cohesive collection when a similar space or structure is rendered in an individual’s personal style. 

Andreas Swenson’s photographs are composed of interesting spaces that leave the viewer wanting to explore further. Andrea Placer’s drawings similarly capture a space that has an untold story which is enhanced through the use of textured details and color application. Janice Baragwaneth’s paintings of buildings delicately applied with watercolors hold a bold presence within this exhibition and strengthen the theme of structures and time. Grace Malupas work in acrylic displays a cropped linear structure displaying strength and stability through line. 

Similarly Ivan Pazlamatchev, Marne Rizika and Spencer Sussman have strengthened the exhibition through their works in different mediums and styles. Ivan Pazlamatchev’s work has a cohesive theme of “a moment in time” within itself. His calm barn structures painted in watercolors on paper bring a soft pause to the exhibition. 

Marne Rizika’s two works in the exhibition one in oil and one in charcoal complement the work of Spencer Sussman whose work is also done in a combination of materials. Marne’s busy charcoal drawing supports the movement in Spencer’s twisting aerial views of ramps and roadways. 

Photography is a powerful contribution to this exhibition. Through the use of photography the following artists have achieved various images that support the theme; Debra Wallace, Evelyn Portnaya, Frederick Hodder, Ian Creitz, Judy Zehentner, Lynn Ronan, Peggy Opalek and Pam Grafstein. 

Debra Wallace, Judy Zehentner, and Evelyn Portnaya’s photographs capture buildings, structures, and reflections highlighted by natural light, with saturated colors that have a pronounced presence in the show. The colors in these photographs have an opposite effect than the works captured by Frederick Hodder and Ian Creitz. The spacious compositions and subdued color scheme in both Frederick and Ian’s work have a more mysterious calm presence in the show but are just as prominent.

Lynn Ronan, Peggy Opalek and Pam Grafstein each have a range of subject matter in the photographs they have on display. Lynn’s combination of the use of shadows to create pattern or texture in her images paired with Pam’s cropping and composition display a variation in the artist's individual style, while complimenting each other's work.

Peggy’s use of natural light and subtle color scheme also compliment the body of work in this exhibit through her depiction of a specific form or location.

Peter Strasser is the solo sculpture artist on display at Blue Hill for this exhibition. His work supports the theme by demonstrating the strength, balance and beauty of his wooden sculptures. These three dimensional forms work well with many of the works hanging throughout the show. 

We are excited to see this show come together and have this extraordinary display of work on exhibit. Please visit in person or see the exhibit at: 

Structures and Time

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